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It's More Than Just
Free Samples!

Daily Goodie Box will send you a box of free goodies.

All you have to do is let them know what you think.

Shipping is Free.

No credit card is required EVER!

Free Stuff?
What's the Catch?

Daily  Goodie Box is a free sample program. Companies need consumers to tell them what they think about a product so they can improve and expand. Daily Goodie Box is designed to be a fun and totally free way to try new products.


Daily Goodie Box sends out boxes full of snacks and household products in exchange for your feedback on the items. Brands provide products to Daily Goodie Box in order to reach new consumers and get your reviews and opinions. NO CATCH!

The review process takes about 5 minutes per item and is done on the Daily Goodie Box website. You rate the items, answer a few quick questions, and enter a short review. Reviewing items in this way is voluntary!

They’ll send several reminders via email but ultimately nothing happens if you don’t do the reviews.

They won’t ask you to pay or send a bill or anything else. If you don't review your goodie box, you won't get the next one. Therefore, taking a few minutes to share your thoughts is a nice way to thank the brands for sending out their products.

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